Marcd is a hyper-multidisciplinary design studio based out of Columbus, Ohio.

Web Design

Front-end design and back-end development of web applications.

Product Design

Design, prototyping, and packaging of digital and physical products.


Installation / event design + build at small and large scales.

Brand Identity

Design for all components of full branding campaigns.


Interior and Spatial Design with the ability to produce technical drawings and documents.

Experience Design

Design focused on the quality of the user experience.

Data Visualization

Communicating data through a range of visual mediums and applications.


Consulting on all fields of our expertise listed here.

Game Design

Front-end design and back-end development of web and mobile games.

Audio Production

All facets of sound design and production including mixing and mastering.

Projection Mapping

Design and development of mapped media at various scales.


2D + 3D animation for tutorials, live visuals, music videos + more.

Marcd is a hyper-
multidisciplinary Combining or involving several academic disciplines or professional specializations in an approach to a topic or problem.
design studio that creates experiences in both physical and digital space. The studio was founded on the idea that a tailored experience can be crafted by strategically integrating multiple design methods that result in a wide range of comprehensive solutions.

Marcd is multidisciplinary in the sense that we primarily focus on product design, interior & spatial design, and graphic design. Hyper in the sense that we gravitate toward opportunities to experiment with new modes of design outside of our fundamental capabilities.

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