Marcd is a hyper-multi-disciplinary design studio based out of Columbus, Ohio creating experiences in both physical and digital space.
Marcd is a hyper-multidisciplinary design studio that creates experiences in both physical and digital space. The studio was founded on the idea that a tailored experience can be crafted by strategically integrating multiple design methods.

Interior + Spatial Design
Experience design, signage and wayfinding, temporary and permanent installations, environmental design, interior / exterior architectural design. 

Digital + Interactive
Interactive applications, Unity game design, sound design, responsive desktop and mobile websites, e-commerce, and blogs. User experience consulting, email marketing, ongoing maintenance, Squarespace, Shopify, WordPress, and Cargo development.

Design and development of digital and physical products with the capability of creating in-house prototypes and rendered concepts. 

Graphic + Identity
Brand identity design and development, packaging, logo design, creative direction, naming, illustrations, infographics, and animations. Brand collateral includes packaging, stationary, business cards, album/book covers, posters, and more.
marcd is a hyper-multidisciplinary design studio based out of Columbus, Ohio making things both digitally and physically. We work out of our apartment at an IKEA Linnmon desk. Marcd is two people. We don't have a studio but we can meet you anywhere or you can stop by if you'd like. We each have one phone, so you can call us too. We'd love to work together on whatever you're thinking about doing with your life.
Selfless Stick
An increasing amount of time is spent taking pictures of ourselves. With a reported 2.61 M selfie sticks sold in 2015, that means there will be a lot less awkward moments trying to to teach someone you’re meeting for the first and last time how to take a picture of your family at the Grand Canyon. To supplement the potential loss of human interaction, we created the Selfless Stick. Instead of attaching a phone to the stick, you simply place any item you’d like to give away. The retractable arm is the perfect way to accomplish your good deed for the day while simultaneously keeping your distance. Check out our test run in Parque Ibiripuera, Brazil above.

Title: Selfless Stick Product Design
Client: Marcd Product
Year: 2018
Design: Marcd
Tags: product design, branding