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Marcd is a hyper-multi-disciplinary design studio based in Brooklyn, New York creating interactive environments, products, and identities in both physical and digital space.
Marcd is a hyper-multidisciplinary design studio based in Brooklyn, New York making things both digitally and physically. We work out of our apartment at an IKEA Linnmon desk. Marcd is two people. We don't have a studio but we can meet you anywhere or you can stop by if you'd like. We each have one phone, so you can call us too. We'd love to work together on whatever you're thinking about doing with your life.
An International Pocket Gallery

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MarcDeck is a unique deck of playing cards designed through a collaboration of artists, designers, illustrators and innovators from around the world. The project acts as a method of promotion as well as a way to connect a diverse group of artists who wouldn’t typically have the opportunity to collaborate. The Deck includes 52 illustrated custom playing cards, 2 jokers, and an info card that lists the contributing artists, their respective card, and means of contact.