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Marcd is a hyper-multi-disciplinary design studio based in Brooklyn, New York creating interactive environments, products, and identities in both physical and digital space.
Marcd is a hyper-multidisciplinary design studio based in Brooklyn, New York making things both digitally and physically. We work out of our apartment at an IKEA Linnmon desk. Marcd is two people. We don't have a studio but we can meet you anywhere or you can stop by if you'd like. We each have one phone, so you can call us too. We'd love to work together on whatever you're thinking about doing with your life.

Studio SwineInterdisciplinary experiential design; CA - Architectural design and experimental digital sytsems; Outpost Office - Architecture and Design studio; Barron Webster - Graphic and interaction designer; He - is a programmer and artist based in Brooklyn, New York Ueno - multidisciplinary digital agency Justin Sloane - multidisciplinary designer; Pascial - visual artist & web designer . Fable - multidisciplinary design consultancy ; . Experimental Jetset - graphic design studio; Hey Studio - creative studio . Made by Alphabet - branding and art directionée Duhamel - playful multidisciplinary design agency . Lot- Ek - architectural design studio ; . Young Projects - architectural design studio http://young-projects.comOpen Box - design studio in New York . Base Design - international design studio of creatives . DS+R - design studio whose practice spans the fields of architecture, urban design, installation art, multi-media performance, digital media, and print and Theory - multidisciplinary digital agency; . Kettle -  digital products, content, and campaigns: Monday - digital ideas, products and experiences: . We Like Small - digital agency: . Use All Five - Los Angeles-based design studio that creates brand identities and digital experiences across spaces and screens; Work & Co. - designs and develops digital brand content: Studio Lennarts & de Bruijn - a multidisciplinary design studio, based in The Hague, founded by Max Lennarts and Menno de Bruijn; Studio - art direction, design, and technology studio founded in 2004; Hinterland Studio - New York based multidisciplinary design studio; Co-Made - multidisciplinary design studio focused in industrial, interior, graphic and branding projects; Lovably Inc. - independent multidisciplinary design studio focused on brand identity, print, and website design based in New York; ELLA - LA experimental design studio ‘working with women who make things happen’; Studio - using brand strategy, creative strategy, workplace strategy, all other things strategy, as well as visual identities, systems, mobile designs, packaging, architecture, signage and wayfinding; Studio Wilks - Environmental graphics & signage, exhibit design, graphic design, identity Design with projects that include cultural Institutions trade show exhibits, retail restaurants and theme Parks; MOS - Architecture and Design; Made By Soulmates - a multidisciplinary design & development studio with offices in Prague & Ostrava; Kobolt Studios - branded environments for museums, restaurants, retail stores, libraries, hospitals, and offices around the world; . Sad Cowboy - web design; . Uncooked Theme - unstyled Tumblr theme, photography; . Radio SYG - possibly russian radio podcast; . Fluff - newsletter, product design, digital design; . The FX Beauties - work investigates digital and decentralized platforms, gendered environments and spaces within quiet networks; .Giulia Boggio- graphic designer, artist, zine art; . iMal - Center for Digital Cultures and Technology; . Gucci ss 18 -  digital art, fashion, high fashion web design and interactive art; . Leibermann Kiep- coding, graphic design, website design; . 6th Finger Studio - Berlin-based multidisciplinary creative collective specialising in branding, photography and video content; Yen Song - graphic designer specializing in animation and interactive design; Popeye Studio - fluid creative studio; Ugly Studio - trans-disciplinary team that uses graphic design to create; . Studio Proba - Founded in 2013 by Alex Proba, Studio Proba is a New York based multidisciplinary design studio focusing on product, graphic, environmental, and furniture design and artwork; . Swoon, the Studio-  a multi‑disciplinary design firm specializing in luxury branding, graphic design, art direction, and interior design; Obsessive Collectors Archive - interdisciplinary digital archive focusing on design, photography, architecture, fashion or any movement related to culture and art; all the influence that gets involved in a creative process; . J3 Productions - multidisciplinary creative studio + consultancy based in Orange County, California. J3 offers art direction, photography, styling and graphic; . Open Studio Collective - architecture, interior, and graphic design . Sopa Design Studio - Founded in 2010 in Milan, a multidisciplinary design studio, focused in interior, exhibition and product design, retail and communication, consultancy and research; . Bompas & Parr - multi-sensory experience design; Civitas guerilla marketing- . Go Gorilla Media - creative marketing strategies;  Alt Terrain - Experiential marketing, brand activation and outdoor advertising ideas, strategies, consultation, planning, production, fabrication, logistics, activation, management, reporting, measurement, and analysis; Nonfiction - not really sure what they do in the digital world, but it looks cool. . Nest - multidisciplinary design practice of artist Brian William Dove ; Uncanny Valley Studio - develops interactive installations, connected experiences and digital visuals for cultural institutions, brands, and workshops; Andi Rusu - director focused on screen experiences from planning to design and implementation ; . Something Creative Co - developing visual identities, art direction right into digital design; . Frolic Studio - innovative product design & development studio in the heart of Amsterdam; Sagmeister & Walsh - NYC based full service design firm that creates identities, commercials, websites, apps, films, books and objects; Karlsson Wilker - full-service design studio based in New York;  Leta Sobierajski - combines traditional graphic design elements with photography, art, and styling to create unique visuals; Wade Jeffree -  New York-based Designer and Art Director whose; HAWRAF - was a design studio that created work dealing with communication, interaction, and creative accessibility;  THE COUCH -  A SMALL BROOKLYN BASED DIGITAL STUDIO THAT MAKES THINGS FOR THE INTERNET; Bailey - Developer/ Coder at The Couch. ; Kevin Green - Co Founder of The Couch; REED + RADAR - They direct films, gifs and virtual reality experiences set in virtual environments; 7D8 - independant, multi-disciplinary design studio; Hirad Sab -  Confronting the material with its digital self. Reciting poems of visionary indulgence;