Marcd is a hyper-multi-disciplinary design studio based out of Columbus, Ohio creating experiences in both physical and digital space.
Marcd is a hyper-multidisciplinary design studio that creates experiences in both physical and digital space. The studio was founded on the idea that a tailored experience can be crafted by strategically integrating multiple design methods.

Interior + Spatial Design
Experience design, signage and wayfinding, temporary and permanent installations, environmental design, interior / exterior architectural design. 

Digital + Interactive
Interactive applications, Unity game design, sound design, responsive desktop and mobile websites, e-commerce, and blogs. User experience consulting, email marketing, ongoing maintenance, Squarespace, Shopify, WordPress, and Cargo development.

Design and development of digital and physical products with the capability of creating in-house prototypes and rendered concepts. 

Graphic + Identity
Brand identity design and development, packaging, logo design, creative direction, naming, illustrations, infographics, and animations. Brand collateral includes packaging, stationary, business cards, album/book covers, posters, and more.

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