game design, development

SampleScape is a tool designed to provide an accessible platform for creating percussion-based loops. By using the arrow keys or WASD, the player can move around the landscape to collide with various objects. Each object will play either a kick, snare, clap, tom, hi-hat, vocal, or textural sample linked to its respective location in the 120-bpm-measure broken down into 1/16th notes. Select samples loop off-beat to avoid quantization—leaving room for experimentation with irregular patterns. The full build MacOS application includes sliders that manipulate the high and low frequency cut-offs, change the pitch/tempo, add reverb, and set the volume. SampleScape is meant to be used as a standalone instrument or an interactive element in a live set. View this page on desktop to download the MacOS app.
Click in game to start. Use arrow keys / WASD to control player.