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Long Day is a streetwear clothing and lifestyle brand developing contemporary fashion that reflects the close-knit community of its creators. The identity is an extension of this community.


Long Day is a visual collection of never-ending days chasing whatever, wherever. An identity that stretches as long as the day, modular and adaptive to its surroundings. Fitting perfectly on any piece—shifting from a compact icon to an elongated typography. The responsive identity produces a catalogue of forms to fit an infinite amount of digital and print needs. Its flexibility removes the boundaries traditionally set by static identities, and future-proofs with scalability.

Long Day custom logotype
long day custom logotype and logomark
Primary and secondary logotype with compressed mark

A progression of the identity stretching to fit the needs of its environment. Exterior letters are rounded to wrap the interior content. All interior letters are inherently derived from the circle, except for the ‘N’ which remains linear. The linear form of the ‘N’ allows for two key functions: 1. bend at the joints—stretching the length of the logo. 2. collapse itself into an iconic, minimal logomark.

Logo variations based on 'N' expansion
Brand Identity logo concept progression
Identity concept progression
Responsive logo design of logotype variations
logo variations changing state of 'N'
3d modeled logo design
3D modeled logotype

The stretching of the 'N' allows for the logo to be implemented on various garments and fit within its container. This variation helps escape repetition and lets the logo react to the design instead of visa versa. The responsive and compact identity provides a dynamic set of marks while maintaining a minimal aesthetic. This ensures that the design can incorporate a wide range of textures and materials without the logo interfering.

logo design application on man and woman
logo design application on woman
logo design application on man
Identity application

For the launch on social platforms, we created a system that walks through the facets of the Long Day brand. First, interviewing friends and members of the community to learn what a long day looks like to them. Second, a series of clock images as the countdown, using the condensed logomark as the clock hands. Third, a reveal of the full logo and its progression. And finally, showcasing the new line.

brand guidelines for social launch
Brand guidelines for social launch
Social media samples for launch

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