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Modelo FS Collections

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The Modelo Fighting Spirit Collections features 5 co-branded capsule collections representing the Fighting Spirit of Los Angeles, New York, Austin, Chicago and Miami.

Web Design

With collections set to drop periodically throughout the year, the site was designed around the suspense of counting down to upcoming drops. An index follows the user throughout the site which links to the five collections and counts down towards each launch.

Live renders vs. hidden outlines

The collections page features a carousel that plays up the anticipatory nature of the drop. By cycling through the five drops, the collection will either show greyed out – identifying an upcoming drop, or display the rendered image when the drop is live. The product outlines show just enough to hint what the collection contents might be.

3D rendered model of Modelo and 424 custom jeans
3D rendered model of Modelo and 424 custom bandana
3D rendered model of Modelo and 424 custom tank top
3 initial products launched by 424
424 collection information
Modelo sweepstakes mobile form
Modelo sweepstakes desktop form
Navigation sweepstakes form

Pieces are made in a limited quantity and are produced during the sweepstakes. For visibility, each item is 3D modeled and featured in an interactive module on the collection page. By toggling the thumbnails, the user can rotate and view the item in it’s entirety before they are complete.

interactive studio locations
interactive studio locations on mobile device
Interactive studio description & location

A map highlights the various regions each collection represents across the United States with a brief overview of the studio. Keeping in line with the Modelo brand, a subtle background texture follows the user with gold accents throughout and Modelo’s serif typeface.

Collection product index
3d model of custom jeans in maya
Jeans 3D Model
custom tank top model in maya
Tank 3D Model

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