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Moment is a functional beverage based in NYC that was in need of a refresh to communicate the calming, yet energetic nature of their drinks.

Web Design

Moment’s core strategy is centered around the subscription model as a way to encourage customers to create a healthy, daily routine. The primary ingredients, ashwagandha and l-theanine, are proven to work best when consumed on a regular basis. To illustrate the ease of incorporating Moment into any daily routine, and that drinking it can be a meditative experience, we told the story with the energy that comes from Moment. Each subject is placed in a typical environment like work, school, or exercising with an energy that surrounds them–allowing them to take a moment from their fast-paced daily routine and reset.

Home experience with scroll-based image sequencing
Web design of learn section with interactive image
Web design of subscribe section with interactive image
Web design of hero section with interactive image
Mobile views of customers taking their Moment

Each scene was 3D modeled and rendered with models super-imposed. The surreal nature of the glowing sphere and the 3D objects, paired with the reality of the models, creates a focal point around the energy that comes from meditation without the distractions of a natural environment. To add movement and interactivy to the site, the images of the models cycle through like a GIF as the user scrolls to move them through their moment.

Post-processed 3D modeled scenes

A custom subscription module was implemented on the home and product pages to concisely organize the information. The goal of this module was to make subscribing as easy and intuitive as possible while still presenting discounts, nutrition, flavor options, and subscription benefits. Each component of the site was designed with the primary focus being a calming experience.

Custom subscription module

The sections and product photography of the primarily neutral background are met with complimentary pops of color that reflect the gradient of the packaging. Blurred treatment of the photographs’ edges soften the elements on the page to further the idea of calm.

Web design of scroll-based list items
Scroll-based striking of the product's benefits
Mobile design for blood orange product page with image carousel
Mobile design for variety product page with image carousel
Mobile design for tulsi lemon product page with image carousel
Mobile view of product carousel
Interactive modal design for functional benefits
Modal highlighting primary active ingredients

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