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Therapy Notebooks

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Therapy Notebooks is a curated tool that provides an approachable and practical framework for users to become self empowered with scientifically-proven exercises and prompts. The site and identity creates a cohesive environment around the experience of journaling within the notebook.

Web Design

The digital identity of Therapy Notebooks is one that emulates the tactile and personal nature of the tool itself. Extending the brand to the digital space involves a considered approach to how the notebook is experienced when it's not being held. Through a balance of cool and rich tones, text and photography, the digital product compliments its physical self. An index is included above the footer of each page to navigate through the various sections as one would do with the notebook’s physical index.

Index sections highlighting product photography
Home experience with indexed sections
Home page web design with full bleed product photography
Learn page web design with call to action
Spatial configuration of type-based sections

Therapy Notebooks connect deeply with those who use it. For the identity to be as impactful, the color palette, typography, and photography are each thoughtfully positioned to evoke a familiar feeling—striking a balance between beauty and science. The logotype is a simple variation of the brand typography for clarity and consistency. The logomark features a seamless connection between the brand's initials that provides a secondary logo for use in alternative settings like social media and the mobile website.

Logomarks light and dark
Therapy Notebooks logotype design
Logotype Dark
Therapy Notebooks logomark lockup desk
Square logomark lockup
Therapy notebooks brand guidelines
Brand guidelines overview
Therapy notebooks brand identity guidelines
Brand use of pen stroke
Brand guidelines design of identity goals
Brand goals for determining cohesion
Brand guidelines outlining positioning
Framework outlining brand positioning
Brand guidelines design of values
Brand values

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