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Tommy Rizzoli is a photographer based in NYC with a focus in conceptual portraiture and fashion. The goal of the site was to clearly showcase the quality of his photography while visually communicating the essense of his personality.

Web Design

A highly saturated color palette is paired with a cream background for balance. Brightly-colored elements such as the filters are paired with netural tones for contrast. A variable grid was created to avoid redundancy when scrolling through the archive of work. This variable grid was created with an immense amount of flexibilty for Tommy to experiment with layouts in the custom CMS.

tommy rizzoli website filters
Inverted filter overlay
marcd menu web design for photographer
About description with custom typographic background
photography grid web design
Color palette distribution
image full screen web design for photographer
Typographic background removed to focus imagery

The Dark Room explores a digital darkroom in which the user can develop in-progress or alternative works. This is a place for Tommy to showcase photographs that aren’t displayed in the site's primary work archive, but that reflect the process of his work. Initally, all photos are hidden with a pink tint and blur, mimicking the hue and blur of photos developing in a traditional darkroom. When clicking on an image, the photo fades into its true color.

Developing an image in the Dark Room

A photo editor module is placed on the About page to add interactivity. This is a place where the user can interact with Tommy’s photos and run them through primitive filters, similar to a rudimentary photo-editing program.

Photo editor in use
normal filter with custom web photo editor
hue filter with custom web photo editor
saturation filter with custom photo editor
inverted filter with custom photo editor
Custom photo editor web application
Various filter toggling of photo editor module

Tommy’s name is used as an intro loader as well as a unifying graphic element throughout multiple components. Remnants of the nameplate, when not visible on the work page, are revealed in the top navigation bar. When selecting an image to view it in full-screen, the name switches to pink as a graphic watermark. The remainder of the bottom portion of the name is also visible in the footer, framing the content in the middle, and oscillating foreground and background.

Typographic background under full screen image
Typographic watermark
Placeholder Caption
Inverted nameplate as graphic background in menu
Custom typographic background under photographs
Name stretched vertically upon entering site

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