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An interactive portfolio site that doubles as a secret society.

Information windows offer quick previews of the agency.

Windows float over mouse-based, interactive typography. The windows give users a quick preview of the agency via an overview, hours, contact, services, and screenshots.

Mouse-based 3D typography.

The membership experience adds a layer of engagement where users can become initiated into Better Half's secret society after solving the riddle and receiving a role. Once initiated, they can receive member-only content.

Members are initiated after solving the riddle and entering their information.

The Secret Society acts as the journal which displays the agency's editorial content. This content is broken up into rooms through the society's facade amongst hidden tunnels and staircases.

The secret society as a facade of objects, tunnels, and staircases.

The structure of the site uses the agency name as a way to organize content into two halves. Work and info content is broken into frames. Each frame is a container for portfolio case studies, services, and details.

Work frame housing a portfolio with list, grid, and shuffle options.
Info frame housing awards, services, and testimonials.
Mobile frame and window experience.
Digital Design
Jake Pfahl
Malu Marzarotto
Web Development
Jake Pfahl
3D Modeling & Rendering
Jake Pfahl
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