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A website of responsive slabs poured to form a communal sidewalk.

A communal sidewalk is composed of globally poured digital slabs.

The user interface is a cross between a construction document and a product detail page. Users can customize their slab based on environment, weather, water / cement ratio, product size, and product type. Each slab is cast based on user inputs and added to the communal sidewalk in realtime through a custom API.

3D slab casting experience.

Dimensions of the communal sidewalk are optimized for a mobile experience. Users have the ability to view the sidewalk at an angle or straight on. As slabs pass through the viewport, the HUD updates with the slabs details to inform the user how and where each slab was created.

Mobile sidewalk and slab cast experience.

The navigation bar dynamically adjusts to the user's state, and houses multiple functionalities within its low-profile.

Dynamic navigation bar.
Info overlay.
Digital Design
Jake Pfahl
Web Development
Jake Pfahl
3D Modeling
Jake Pfahl
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